Version 6.0 (26/04/2017)

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Version History



Date Item
2.2 30/10/2008

Version Control

Version Control facility added.


2.2 30/10/2008


Text enlarged and References removed.


2.2 30/10/2008

Stage Report

New Stage Repotr available via the Print button within the 'Summary' tab in each Stage


2.2 30/10/2008

Freeze Scores

Scores frozen as assessments submitted, this means that submitted stages of assessments will not be affected where scoring/credits change through DREAM development.


2.2 30/10/2008

TLB List

Revised TLB List


2.2 30/10/2008

MOD Site field

New MOD Site field, along with filter facility (top right hand of screen) and sort facility within the assessment table


2.2 30/10/2008

DE Managed Projects

New DE Managed Project tick box


2.2 30/10/2008

Contract Type field

New Contract Type field


3.0 26/01/2009

DREAM V3 Version Control Documents

The documents in the links provide details of changes to credit criteria and scoring.


3.0 26/01/2009

New Contract Type sort facility

Users have ability to sort by Contract Type, however results subject to all DREAM Users inputting data retrospectively, otherwise info will only show assessments started after V2.2 launch.


3.0 26/01/2009

Refreshed Reference Documents

Reference documentation referred to in DREAM has been revised and refreshed, now located in new 'Reference' button within each topic tab.


3.0 26/01/2009

Standardised Dropdown Answers

Answer dropdowns contain the number of credits available, there are no longer dropdowns specific to credit criteria or Yes/No radii.


3.1 31/03/2009

New Email Facility

Enables Administrators to email Users using a more robust emilaing system


3.1 31/03/2009

Reporting Tool Improvements

Improvements made to the reporting tool for Administrators use only, includes 2 new reports Assessor and Question reports and improvements to existing reports including ability to migrate info to Excel for the 'Overall' information


3.1 22/09/2009

C-PR7 Pre-Handover Review Credit Changed

Changes made which adds extra requirement to ensure that responsibility for DREAM is handed over from Project Phase Lead Assessor to Operation Phase Lead Assessor within this credit.


3.2 30/10/2009

DREAM Stage Certificates

PDF DREAM Certificates generated for each stage once the stage has been submitted. Certificates can be found within the Summary tab.


3.2 30/10/2009

FAR Report - Project Details Section Amended

Fields within the Project Details section (at front of FAR Report) amended and fields automatically completed using assessment data already within the DREAM system.


3.2 30/10/2009

Operation Stage Lead Assessor

At the end of the Construction stage the Project Phase Lead Assessor will need to add the name of the Operation stage Lead Assessor before they can submit the Construction stage assessment. This is in conjunction with C-PR7 credit (as in version control 3.1 note above).


3.2 19/01/2010

Addition of Falkland Islands assessment guidance

Guidance has been developed for projects taking place in the Falkland Islands. Guidance is available to be viewed by an assessor once they have set up a new Falkland Islands assessment in DREAM.


3.2 01/12/2009

Mediterranean Modules

Mediterranean Modules added for: Mediterranean Living Accommodation , New Build Mediterranean Living Accommodation , Refurbishment Mediterranean Kitchen and Dining , New Build Mediterranean Kitchen and Dining , Refurbishment



New Design

Re-designed interface


6.0 26/04/2017

DREAM Version 6

Complete version update with addition of Minor Works Modules




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